Debrief senior leaders

What you need to know


Get your commissioners, financers (if you have them), heads of department, TV executives or studio executives together to have a production wellbeing debrief.

A final debrief about how you used the resources in this Toolkit and what you put in place can make sure valuable learnings aren’t lost or forgotten. It’s a chance to discuss which parts of this Toolkit you were able to stick to and areas that were harder to implement.

It’s crucial that commissioners, in particular, know what the production’s approach was to mental health, including what was difficult and what worked well. Without feedback, they may expect teams to do the same project again with the same budget or be unable to make positive changes because they didn’t have all the information.

People in these roles make decisions about budget, so it’s worth highlighting how investment in mentally healthy working practices may have improved productivity, creativity and overall production value.

Debrief with us too

We want to evolve this guidance to offer strong and practical support to productions of all sizes, budgets and scopes. So, we want to hear what worked well and what didn’t. Please contact us at to help us keep supporting mentally healthy productions.

Actions you can take