Meet your team’s training needs

What you need to know


Making time for the production team to attend training with ongoing relevant learning and development is crucial in supporting mental wellbeing. Skilling up your team and managers to have the confidence and knowledge to de-escalate issues that could impact mental health — and intervene early — can also save you time, money and even reputational risk.

There is specific training available that can help you identify and address the underlying causes of poor mental health, including bullying and harassment, racism and . It’s especially crucial for those with people management responsibilities, like senior leaders and heads of department, to understand how to support their teams. This requires both awareness of the issues and knowledge of how to create healthy work environments.

As well as improving management skills, this training will help them to appropriately manage needs and identify when further support, such as counselling or therapy, is required and how to find it. This takes the impetus off those who need support, and builds a safer and more productive workplace for all.

Happier, healthier productions teams lead to better content and a better bottom line. See Managing Director of Offspring Films, Isla Robertson, talk about introducing mentally healthy ways of working, including training.

Actions you can take