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Since 1924, and thanks to the generosity of individuals and organisations from across the industry, The Film and TV Charity has been there to support everyone working behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema.

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As well as providing a listening ear through our free 24/7 Support Line, we also offer financial advice and support, access to a host of practical tools and resources and support with mental health and wellbeing 


Although the film and TV industry is where magic is made by passionate, creative people, we know that too many working in the sector have experienced poor mental health. The effects of long working hours, bad practices, bullying, harassment, racism and ableism, have meant that the wellbeing of our workforce has too often been strained to breaking point. We want to change and improve the working cultures in film and TV, starting with those working on productions. 

This Toolkit is just one of the ways we are seeking to change things for the better. 

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What stage is your production in?


Pre-production is a great time to assess your production’s mental health and wellbeing needs up front, and work with your senior team to put support in place. This section helps you plan, set values and expectations, and make sure yours is a mentally healthy production.

Pre-production Mini Guides


Production is busy, but mental health and wellbeing should still be a priority.  This section helps you support your team, identify, and mitigate risks and stresses, and demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing.

Production Mini Guides


Post-production is a great time to monitor how your mental health and wellbeing plans have worked and introduce new ideas specifically relevant to post. This section helps you assess what you’ve learned and support those starting on the project now.

Post-production Mini Guides

Need help with anything else?

If you’re not currently working on a production but you’re thinking about how you can make your productions a mentally healthier place to work, find out more here.

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This toolkit is created by people within the industry to help you place mental health at the heart of your production, whatever size it is or stage you’re at.