The first step to creating a mentally healthy production is taking time to discuss and make a plan with senior management for how you will offer support to your team and demonstrate to them that you are committed to their wellbeing.

Where to start?

Pre-production is the key stage for planning on any project. But while everyone is busy working out the project’s budget and schedule and getting the crew onboard, it’s just as important to invest time in making your mental health and wellbeing plan. This includes thinking about who will be the main contact for mental health and wellbeing issues, how to create an inclusive and fair working environment from recruitment stage onwards, and making sure that potential risks are identified in order to mitigate stress.

Man using a camera on a tv or film production

Ideally, this would happen before your production begins, but these guidelines will also be useful if you’re in the early stages of production. You might also want to read them as a refresher if you’re already in production or in post, as it’s never too late to introduce support that feels important and necessary.

Let’s get started…

The Mini Guides in this section will help you to talk about and agree your production wellbeing plan, be clear about acceptable behaviour, make recruitment fair and transparent, and build wellbeing and mental health into your production from the beginning.