Pre-production is a busy time often impacted by multiple pressures and constraints, but, alongside working out your budget and schedule, it’s also important to invest early in planning your mental health and wellbeing support.

A homeworker using a wheelchair takes notes at a desk in front of a laptop.

Where to start?

The first steps in creating a mentally healthy production involve making time to hold a wellbeing meeting with your senior team and to complete a mental health risk assessment (MHRA).

Ideally, mental health provision would be agreed before filming begins – and discussed with funders at greenlight meetings – but it’s never too late to introduce support that feels important and necessary.

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Our pre-production guides

Use our pre-production guides to help you agree your production’s wellbeing plan, complete an MHRA and embed inclusive recruitment practices.

Our guides can also support you in communicating your production’s support provision and values to teams from the very beginning of a project.