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9 in 10 people in the film and TV industry have experienced a mental health problem.

With your help, we will change that.

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Brought to you by the Film & TV Charity Brought to you by the Film & TV Charity

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Our Toolkit helps you create mentally healthy TV and film productions for your crew and production team.

Since its launch in 2022, the Toolkit has offered practical solutions to put mental health and wellbeing at the heart of every production.

It’s championed by many broadcasters, studios and streamers, along with film and programme makers across the industry – so join the organisations putting mental health and wellbeing at the centre of productions, and become the change you want to see.


Unbox the Toolkit

Designed in collaboration with industry, mental health, HR, legal and health and safety experts, our free Toolkit has recommended guides, tips and templates to help make productions healthier, fairer and more inclusive.

Discover how to use our Toolkit

What stage is your production in?


Use our pre-production guides to:

  • Agree a wellbeing plan
  • Communicate your wellbeing plan to your team
  • Be clear on bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Build inclusive recruitment and flexible working practices


See our pre-production guides


Use our production guides to:

  • Provide a suitable working environment
  • Work well with vulnerable contributors and sensitive content
  • Meet your team’s training needs
  • Plan for rest and time off


See our production guides


Use our post-production guides to:

  • Pass wellbeing planning to post-production
  • Communicate effectively with post-production crew
  • Debrief crew and offer support
  • Debrief leaders and plan ahead


See our post-production guides

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This toolkit is created by people within the industry to help you place mental health at the heart of your production, whatever size it is or stage you’re at.